Instructions on Printing Cards

1. Before printing the cards, I recommend buying some 3x5 blank index cards. 
2. Once you get the cards inserted into the printer, pick the verse you want and "click" on it.  
3. Once the verse is enlarged, then right-click with your mouse or single click with double fingers on a trackpad, to pull up a list of options.
4.  Pick the option that says "Save Image as." Once done, a file menu should pop up. 
5. Now, pick the location or file where you want them to be.
6. In the formate option, pick PDF,  JPEG, or PNG and click save. 
 - I recommend naming the PDF/JPEG/PNG based on the verse so you can find it easier. 
7. Locate the file you just saved and open it up.
8. Then press control-p or find the print option under file to open up the print screen.
9. Before pressing the print button, be sure to adjust the paper size to 3x5 and the orientation is "portrait" or else it won't print properly. You can now print as many verses as you want.

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Below are 70 previews of bible verses 

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