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The Vision

    Are you a Christian? If not, consider asking Jesus Christ into your heart. If you are a Christian and want to make a difference, this ministry is for you. If you are like me, you have done your share of listening to sermons. There is nothing wrong with that, but there comes a time when we need to share what we have!   
     Some twenty-five years ago, God lead me to start writing bible verses on 3x5 index cards. I would hand them out to my co-workers. Because they are short and to the point, they would read them and I could see the results! 
   As Christians, we have the answer. Now the issue is how do we market (sell) what we have. The process on how you market a product is as important as the product. Nobody likes a pushy salesman. 
      The cards help to promote the gospel, but at the same time, it gives people space. If they do not want it, I do not give it to them. Whether they serve God is up to them and not up to us. We are, however, commanded to spread the gospel. 
      Would you like to partner with me to reach others for Christ?  If there is ever a time when we need the good news, it is now.  Jesus came to seek and save the lost.  Before a tree can grow, a seed must be planted. We all have been given the ministry of reconciliation! (2nd Corinthians 5:18). 

Below are some options for you to participate if you think this ministry is for you.

1. Go to the gallery section and you may print the cards for free. I will provide the instruction on how to do so.
2. I have also added some suggestions on how the verses can be used. 

   The word of God is quick and powerful like a two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12) Condensed Individual verses sharpen the blade.  God gave us his word for our benefit but also to share with others. 

Thank you

Below Are Some Suggestions For Using the Verses: 

1. Mail them with your bills.
2. Hand them to the person serving you in any capacity.
3. Take pictures of them on your cell phone and send them to friends.
4. Leave in public laundry rooms or post on public bulletin boards
 (You can purchase a plastic clear 3x5 card holder at Staples that you can refill with verses. This can also be left in some public places. If needed ask for permission)
5. Give them to people on your job. (Be wise and use discretion)
6. Post in bathrooms on the mirror or next to the toilet. 
7. Leave in places where people will see them.
8. Send to friends and family when you send birthday cards, Christmas cards, or any correspondence.  
9. If people do not like them they can just throw them away. 
10. I would not try to stick them on anything that would make a mark or cause someone to have to clean up. 
11. My email is [email protected]. If you have any ideas or suggestions. Any feedback is welcome.
12. If you are actively doing outreach for your church, might I suggest that you purchase the verses and stamp your church address, service times, and phone number on the blank side of the card. 
13. Also, just a reminder that instructions for printing individual verses are also an option.
14. The verses are also a probe to see where people are spiritually.
In conclusion: The lost are generally not in church. They are in our families, neighborhoods, and our jobs. Now is the time to be bold for Christ! We all have been commissioned by God to reach others! Jesus could have but did not get caught up in his day's politics. I am sure abortions have been happening since Adam and Eve! The devil wants to distract us from our assignment. Let's strive to be a Christian (Christ-like person). Love others and do not judge. Faith without works is dead. God has given us dominion over the earth. He cannot get the job done without us!  Thank you

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On the right is an example of one of the scriptures. Please go to the gallery to preview 70 verses that helped to change your life and will (if passed out) change the lives of those around you.  

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